Garry Yazell, president   651-646-5753     

Kathryn Oyen, membership       612-623-3056     

Greg Biskey, vice-president, national correspondent 763-792-2340

Bob Smith, treasurer   612-721-1109     

Mickey Dunning, secretary, newsletter, Web site  651-646-5753

Sherry Tomberlin, social secretary 218-828-4211  

Bruce Olson, member-at-large   651-784-7528

Jon Headley, member-at-large   763-574-0623

MEETING  Schedule:

The November meeting will be held on Tuesday the 20th, 7:00pm, at Flaherty's Arden Bowl, 1273 West County Road E, Arden Hills. We will meet either in the first floor party room or the basement conference room, whichever is available. Flaherty's phone # 651-633-1777.

NO December meeting, due to the holidays. We are all so busy during this month that no one has time for a meeting!

The January meeting will be held in conjunction with our after-the-holidays party on Saturday, Jan. 12th, at Gulden's Restaurant in Maplewood. This will also be our election of officers meeting.

The February meeting will be back to Flaherty's, Tuesday the 19th 7:00pm.