Garry Yazell, president   651-646-5753     

Kathryn Oyen, membership       612-623-3056     

Greg Biskey, vice-president, national correspondent 763-792-2340

Bob Smith, treasurer   612-721-1109     

Mickey Dunning, secretary, newsletter, Web site  651-646-5753  

Bruce Olson, member-at-large   651-784-7528

Jon Headley, member-at-large   763-574-0623

Sept. 17th at Wagner's Drive-In 7:00pm

Oct.15th at Wagner's Drive-In 7:00pm

Nov. 19th at Flaherty's Arden Bowl 7:00pm

The third Tuesday of the month.

There will be NO December meeting, as everyone is very busy with the holidays.